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Mar-14 Terence J. Rhoades, President of Mechanical Simulation Corporation, Honored with SAE International Medal of Honor
Feb-14 Mechanical Simulation Releases SuspensionSim 8.2
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Aug-13 Mechanical Simulation Releases TruckSim 8.2
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Feb-13 Mechanical Simulation Purchases SuspensionSim
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Dec-05 CarSim and Test Track Design
Nov-05 Motion Based Simulators
Dec-04 David Hall, Dev. & Consulting
Dec-04 Michael Sayers, Co-Founder
Dec-04 Thomas Gillespie, Co-Founder

Mechanical Simulation Purchases SuspensionSim

Analytical Tool Exports Data
Directly To CarSim®, TruckSim®

ANN ARBOR, Mich., February 05, 2013 - Mechanical Simulation is pleased to announce the purchase of SuspensionSim from Knable & Associates, Inc.

SuspensionSim enables analysis and evaluation of critical suspension designs, and allows easy export of suspension data to CarSim® and TruckSim®. According to Terry Rhoades, Mechanical Simulation president, the product was developed by Knable & Associates Inc. of Brighton, MI. Under the terms of a marketing agreement, Mechanical Simulation has distributed and sold SuspensionSim since August 2006.

SuspensionSim analyzes suspension systems for their kinematic and compliance qualities. The graphical user interface (GUI) and engineering layout allow for simple and quick model building and change evaluation. A variety of suspension templates provides a jump start in building user-defined models. The entire program is PC-based; files created in SuspensionSim can be directly imported by CarSim or TruckSim for further analysis of vehicle dynamic behavior.

"SuspensionSim gives engineers the capability to model almost any suspension system in a setting that rivals most testing facilities, and is a great alternative when suspension test data is unavailable," Rhoades said. "Then results can be imported directly into CarSim® or TruckSim® for immediate analysis of the suspension’s influence on vehicle dynamics. It’s an easy-to-use program that’s completely compatible with our simulation software." Rhoades also remarked that, "SuspensionSim has evolved over many years, with model validation through intensive usage and testing by some of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers. We have always been impressed that there is a natural synergy between SuspensionSim, CarSim, and TruckSim that allows our customers to build more complete tool chains, creating a cost effective PC-based, simulation and analysis environment."

"We’re pleased to add the ownership and future development of SuspensionSim to our array of vehicle dynamics products. It’s the ideal next step in offering engineers the fully integrated design and analysis tools they need for vehicle dynamics," said Rhoades.

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